cropped-sitelogo-2.pngWhy bother brother blogger?

Why bother, Brother Blogger?


It’s a lot of faf this blogging business. First you need something to blog about; then some novel, insightful or creative (preferably all three) thoughts on the subject. Then there’s the onerous business of sitting down and writing it all out in an engaging and entertaining way. What on earth is the point? For that matter, what actually is a blog anyway?


A blog is essentially a webpage which is frequently updated. It is sometimes based around a specific set of keywords or a particular topic or both. For example, blogs on the Evensaul website will be about corporate films, about writing in general and about media training.


Now writing blogs is all very well, but who reads them? Well, you for a start, and thank-you for your interest. Blogs are designed for two kinds of readers. The mechanical ones, search engines such as Google and the like, will look at them and say, “here’s a website about corporate films, writing and media training,” and send people like you to the Evensaul site when you search for any of those things. You, I hope, fit into the category of “potential customers,” the most important group of folk at whom blogs are aimed.


So that’s how and why a blog works for me, but how could it work for you? The simple answer is that if anybody, anywhere, is likely to be searching online for the goods or services you provide, blogging helps draw them to you. What’s more, if your blogs include useful information about your industry in general, something which could help that potential customer choose a particular supplier, they’re more likely to believe in what you say, to trust you before they meet you. The more often you blog, the more specialist knowledge you share, the more Google likes what you’re saying, the more people will be driven to your site to look at what you have to say. It’s a virtuous circle. The fact is, people love to be given information for free. Isn’t that one of the main things we use the internet for? To find stuff out without paying for it.


As a form of lead-generation it also benefits from being permanent. I’m writing this in mid-July 2016, but you could be reading it at anytime in the future so long as my website lives – not something you can very often say about many forms of business promotion.


Of course, we’re all very busy and thinking about something to write and getting it down and crisp and clean takes time. Well, dear reader, that’s precisely why we wanted to draw you to this blog in the first place. Evensaul will do the hard work for you. Have a five minute phone chat with us and in a trice your blog will be written precisely as you want it, ready to pull in more potential customers and to lift your website above the competition. So, what are you waiting for? You already know it works, or else you wouldn’t be here.


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