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In this multi-channel world it is increasingly difficult to have the voice of your business or charity heard above the crowd. When the opportunity does arise to tell your story thorugh the media it is crucial that you know how to get that message across effectively. Who might the right person in your business be to act as your spokesperson? What exactly is it you are trying to say? What is the right language to use, the right clothes to wear, the right tone to take? Nobody is born a perfect interviewee and you can guarantee that all the politicians, public servants and industrialists who perform well on television and radio or to print or online media have “been on the course.” Evensaul Ltd. tailors media training courses to the specific customer. We will take your through from understanding what the media wants and how they get it to interview techniques, building relationships with reporters and crisis management. With decades of experience in television news, we will tell you the awkward questions you could be asked and how to deal with them. Media training is excellent value for anyone who regularly takes part in meetings, manages people or compiles reports. As an experiencedbroadcaster Media training is about communication. Business is communication.


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