cropped-sitelogo-2.pngWhy not make your own film?

If I want to make a film for my company, why not do it myself?

So, you have an exciting product or service you want to show off to potential customers about, or you need a training video for your staff, or perhaps some super satisfied clients whose testimonials you want to record for posterity (and because you know they’re the best advertisements for your business). You know there are people out there like Evensaul who could do it for you, but that’s going to cost money, so why not do it yourself?


First off, there’s the small matter of equipment. You might have a fantastic video function on your phone or even a good quality video camera you use for holidays and school sports days. You could have a good DSLR camera with an excellent video function. The first two are great for home use, but take a look at the pictures they produce next to ours (here for example: ) and see how much difference there is. Do you have a tripod? No? Then your shots might wobble a bit which doesn’t add to the professional look. What about sound? That microphone on your camera is designed to pick up everything around it – front and back, up and down. If you’re trying to record a happy customer for a video testimonial, do you really want their words drowned out by the traffic or the air conditioning? Would you even notice the sounds in the background before you’d done your recording and it was too late to change things? We would. We’d also find the best place to put them for interview because background images are as potentially important as background noise. Then there’s the framing. Do you know your Golden Thirds from your Looking Room when setting your pictures up? Our top class camera crews with all their decades of experience in television deal in that stuff every day. What about editing? There are lots of excellent editing packages out there for the home movie maker. Sadly, that is precisely who they’re for. They don’t offer the range of effects and enhancements of the professional kit to make your film really stand out. What’s more, video editing is an art. A top editor (like the ones we use) will make the absolute best of the raw material in ways an amateur can only dream of doing.


Then there’s the interview technique. Asking questions in just the right way to get just the right answer is a skill of a craftsman. It’s a bit like the difference between a DIY enthusiast knocking up a set of shelves and a master joiner building a beautiful piece of furniture. Anyone can ask questions but knowing what and when to ask in such a way as to receive precisely the answers you need to promote your business is another thing entirely. At Evensaul, the only people asking the questions are award-winning news journalists and documentary-makers. They do it because they know how.
There’s how to structure your film, how to script it, how to keep it to the right length, how to make sure all those vital key messages are included.. it’s a lot of things to think about if you’ve never done it before.


“Well,” you might say, “it may not be as good a result as if a professional had done it but I’ll save a lot of money doing it myself.” Or will you? A bad film can be worse than no film at all. Frankly, it can make you look cheap and amateur. By contrast a professionally made corporate film conveys only the impression you want – of a confident business providing excellent goods and services. After all, how many extra sales do you need to make it a worthwhile investment? How many years will a top quality business film last on your website, drawing in traffic and wowing visitors? How much would you have to spend on traditional or online advertising to achieve the same effect?


DIY dining table and chairs anyone?

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