cropped-sitelogo-2.pngHow we will make your film

No smoke or mirrors

You know you have a good story to tell about what you do, but you don’t necessarily know how to say it.
You will probably want it to upload to the internet and then to promote it to your existing customers and hopefully some potential new ones. It could describe your products and services or offer training or support for their use.
Our first job at Evensaul Ltd. is to sit down with you to make three things clear in everybody’s minds:

  • what you’re trying to say
  • to whom you need to say it
  • the best words, sounds and pictures to get your message across

Once this has been done we work out between us:

  • who we need to interview
  • what pictures we need to film

Most of the time we can decide then and there exactly how to proceed, but if you need to discuss the plans further with colleagues we will go away and prepare a simple proposal which includes a draft structure for your corporate film, suggestions for what people will see and hear, possible venues for interviews etc. – and of course, you will know right away how much it is going to cost.

We carry out the filming and take the pictures away with us to digitise ready for editing. Shortly afterwards, you will receive a detailed draft script including transcripts of the interview clips we propose to use and a suggestion of where particular pictures, sounds, music, graphics etc. will go. When everyone is happy the pictures go off to editing. You can either leave us to it or you can join us in the edit suite to make sure you are happy with what we are doing.

Lastly you receive an approval copy of your corporate film, and when you pronounce yourself satisfied, hopefully delighted, we can send you the final digital file, all ready for use in whatever way you see fit.



Dr Brian May, Queen guitarist, but not as you’ve often seen him.

How we will make your film