What will it cost me?


Customers and their films are all different. Some can be shot in a day and edited in another, some take longer. Single or multiple locations, complexity of subject matter and numbers of interviews all add to the cost mix. At Evensaul, we don’t employ our camera and edit professionals full-time. They are hired by the day, and when they’re not working for us, they’re making television news and documentary programmes for broadcasters including BBC, ITV and Sky. This way you get the best of both worlds. The most skilled and creative people will produce your films and you’re only paying for the time they spend on that specific project.


Half a dozen simple customer testimonial video clips can cost as little as £600. A film of your production process with some satisfied clients and a word or two from yourself might typically be £1900. For that you will receive a finished film, edited to your specification, ready to put online or play in your offices. You will be able to link to it again and again in emails and web pages – in fact every time you communicate with a potential customer. The only question for you is, how many new business inquiries do I need to result from my film to make this a good investment?


If you’re still not sure what you need or what you can afford, why not call or email us so we can discuss what we might be able to do for you? We understand budgets and we will be able to find a way to help.


Little films can have big audiences


The campaign for safe standing areas to be introduced in English football grounds asked Evensaul to go to Germany to see how they do it in the Bundesliga at Hannover 96. The Peterborough United mascot, Peter Burrow, helped us to demonstrate why all-seater stadia have their problems. This film has been viewed more than 14,000 times.