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Below is a selection of just some of the customers with whom Evensaul works or has worked.

Oasis Dental Care

Oasis Dental Care is a national corporate group providing top class treatment for both NHS and private patients.  Evensaul’s films for Oasis have been primarily aimed at explaining the benefits of joining the group.  These include productions illustrating how satisfied existing practitioners are, celebrating the achievements of staff under the company’s highly regarded employment development programmes and showcasing the level of laboratory support available for Oasis dentists. 

Hussein Chalayan, Tilda Swinton & Absent Presence

Simon Garrett from Evensaul Ltd. was called in to help with the script for an art movie created by world famous London fashion designer, Hussein Chalayan. The film was premiered at the Venice Biennale and starred Oscar winning actress, Tilda Swinton. Simon had to write three scripts for three different sets of images which played simultaneously on different screens. The three scripts all had to be exactly the same length which made for an interesting challenge but participation in such a project was quite an honour.

Father Christmas

Santa doesn’t have a website but he does have a lot of mates.  When Milton Keynes own Santa went to the 23rd International Santa Congress in Milton Keynes Evensaul was commissioned to record the event for posterity.  The pictures were used by ITV and BBC providing excellent publicity for the city shopping centre.

The Royal Air Force

When the Royal Air Force planned a big event to commemorate the unveiling of the British Air Services Memorial at St. Omer in France, they wanted to be sure the event would receive significant coverage in Britain. Evensaul Ltd. conducted interviews with veterans and relatives of veterans from both World Wars, producing a series of custom-written news features for broadcast in various BBC and ITV regions.


British Motor Heritage 

British Motor Heritage Limited was established in 1975 to support owners and the marketplace by putting genuine components for classic British cars back into manufacture, using original tools wherever possible.  Evensaul made a short film for the company, condensing the process of making a wing for a classic MGB front wing into five entertaining and informative minutes.  The film has been viewed by enthusiasts and potential customers almost 19,000 times.


David Savidge, Systems Manager at British Motor Heritage wrote, “The film that Simon has produced for us is outstanding, delivering its message in a concise way that keeps the viewer’s attention. Its prime use will be as a marketing tool on the web and the quality is far above the usual ‘YouTube’ offering, reflecting the products that we supply. Simon and his cameraman were so easy to work with as they quickly learned and understood our processes and culture. This has been the first time that we have ventured into video and we will not hesitate to call upon Simon again for our next professional production.”


ICTS ‘ International Consultants on Targeted Security’

The world’s leaders in international security services most people have never heard of ICTS but anyone who’s ever travelled by air or sea will have been seen by the company’s staff. Evensaul LTD. has made a number of corporate films for ICTS including a training video, an induction film and marketing DVDs. Several of the films has centred on the company’s world leading, Oxfordshire based, drug and explosive dog training centre.


Institute for Turnaround (formerly Society of Turnaround Professionals)

A membership organisation comprising individuals and groups from the country’s leading banks and venture capitalists, the IFT is the trade body for the turnaround community, saving struggling businesses and increasing stakeholder value. Evensaul Ltd. has made a series of conference videos and London awards ceremony films for the IFT.


Jardine-Michelson Public Relations

Evensaul Ltd. produces business videos for a number of Jardine-Michelson’s corporate clients. Based in Milton Keynes, Jardine-Michelson is recognised as one of the top public relations companies in the East of England. Simon Garrett of Evensaul Ltd. is the company’s Broadcast Director. As well as providing films for companies which are clients of JMPR we also support the business’s public relations and media training services.  In this film, Her Majesty the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh visited Milton Keynes.  Evensaul made this promotional film and also supplied footage to BBC and ITV for use on the evening news.



Hazard Alley, Milton Keynes

Hazard Alley, at the Safety Centre Milton Keynes, is the first purpose-built interactive centre where children aged 6-12 can experience twelve hazardous scenarios in perfect safety.  The video Evensaul made for the alley team was designed to give teachers a flavour of the impressive facilities and to encourage them to bring young people to visit.  It has been watched more than 13,000 times.





The Hub – Milton Keynes

Evensaul Ltd. made a corporate film for The Hub in Milton Keynes to commemorate the visit of Her Majesty the Queen and His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh. This ultra-modern development of housing, offices, retail and leisure in the heart of the UK’s fastest-growing city was chosen for the Royal Visit as a landmark example of a vibrant community. In association with Jardine-Michelson Public Relations.


Ramcore Hotels

When Ramcore Hotels launched its exiting range of mid-market hotels in the UK it needed to find development locations meeting very specific criteria. Evensaul Ltd. was asked to provide an instructional video, an aspirational film which explained the brand at an impressive London presentation to land agents. Ramcore is now one of the fastest growing hotel chains in the world. In association with Jardine-Michelson Public Relations.

Bedfordia Group

From farms and property to automotive and green technology, Bedfordia Group is a highly respected business with strong values. We first produced an induction film for the Bedfordshire company, overcoming the twin difficulties of showing new employees what the business comprises and its guiding ethos and principles. We have produced a number of corporate videos for Bedfordia over the years including promotional films and marketing DVDs. In association with Jardine-Michelson Public Relations.



A subsidiary of Bedfordia Group but a thriving and thrusting business in its own right, BiogenGreenfinch is the UK’s leading manufacturer, developer and operator of anaerobic digestion plants. How to go about diverting Food waste from landfill and turning it into green electricity and fertiliser can take a bit of explaining, without expertly produced and compiled moving pictures. Evensaul Ltd. has made a number of productions for BiogenGreenfinch including web films, trade show videos, conference films and public presentations. In association with Jardine-Michelson Public Relations.


Momentum SEO

Momentum SEO from Oxford wanted to show prospective customers how successful the company had been in boosting the visibility of existing clients and used the best selling tool there is – the voice of satisfied customers.  Below is just one example although others can be found at:


British Loose Leaf

British Loose Leaf from Dartford in Kent produced the world’s first fully disposable box file.  An excellent product, but the issue was how to convince the world that Justabox™, as it is called, is anything more than just a box?  Evensaul produced this film at the BASE exhibition at London’s ExCel and showing “real people” giving their opinion on Justabox™.

Thames Valley Police

Thames Valley Police needed a film to explain the workings of their Control Rooms and Enquiries Department for the benefit of officers on the streets of Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire. In a fast-changing environment the force needed an instructional video which was clear and accurate and which would hold the audience’s attention.


Thames Valley Arson Reduction Forum

A body comprising Thames Valley Police and the Fire Brigades from Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire, Thames Valley Arson Reduction Forum is always searching for new and better ways to combat fire-starting. Evensaul Ltd. has produced two instructional films for the organisation, both aimed at improving cooperation and understanding of procedure within police and fire services. The educational DVDs have since proved popular with forces and brigades all over the UK.


Stoke-on-Trent City Council

Evensaul Ltd. has produced two films for Stoke-on-Trent City Council. When the Elected Mayor wanted to launch his green agenda he needed an explanatory film to show to public audiences detailing plans and projects from around the city. Narrated by the Elected Mayor himself the inspirational DVD showed local people what has been done and what could be done in the future to improve Stoke-on-Trent’s environment.


Oxford Hearing Centre

Oxford Hearing Centre is a highly regarded for its work in protecting, conserving and correcting the hearing of people in Oxfordshire. With much public misunderstanding of the extraordinary advances made in hearing aid technology and the expertise required to maximise its benefits, the centre commissioned a web film to make a brief introduction to their offering � the longer version of which is also available as a marketing DVD.


West Oxfordshire District Council

West Oxfordshire District Council has commissioned a series of public sector films from Evensaul Ltd. These include an explanatory video for young people discussing the point of voting, two DVDs detailing the problems of the night time economy and the issues teenagers can face when drinking (we won an award for one of these) and a celebratory film marking the opening of a very swish new shopping centre.


Fairport Convention’s Fortieth Birthday

Sometimes work is more fun than it really ought to be, and working as second unit camera and assistant producer at Fairport Convention’s fortieth anniversary Cropredy Festival was just fantastic. The commemorative DVD has been selling really well to the diehard fans and it was a privilege to help out on such a marvellous project.


Nobel Biocare

Nobel Biocare are world leaders in the manufacture of dental implant technology, a market displaying huge growth in Britain where more than a hundred thousand people a year receive the treatment. Nobel wanted a marketing DVD to show how painless and effective the process is and what amazing results can be achieved. Evensaul Ltd. especially encouraged the inclusion of several customer video testimonials, whose deep satisfaction with the results made for a highly effective sales video.


Dr. Julian Perry

Oxfordshire based Dr. Julian Perry is one of Britain’s best known and most respected and influential dental professionals. After featuring in the Nobel Biocare marketing DVD (see above) DR. Perry decided to have a promotional film made for his own practice to be given to patients inquiring after his services.